Viagra is a medicine that helps the man to enjoy and function properly in bed as well as satisfying his partner. It helps in the way of maintaining the erection of penis in a long time because the blood remains by delaying the enzymes which was called the phosphodiesterase.

Viagra is the same as the other medicine that had its side effects. The side effects of the Viagra are oftentimes mild and just a few hours that did not last longer. If ever you felt any side effects you must see to it that you inform your doctor. Usually you will experience back pain, redness or warmth in your chest, neck, or face, stomach upset, facial flushing and headache.

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It is an admitted fact that the life has become very busy in these days. Every person is busy in his work. This thing is increasing the differences between the families so it is very necessary that you should give some time to your family. Life is nothing without relationship so it is better to live in a relationship. Same is the case with the husband and wife relationship. Only you can solve this problem and make your life beautiful. This was the general problem in our homes but here our topic of discussion is Viagra medication that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a medicine made by the Pfizer Company. Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company that is increasing its popularity by making new medicines according to the requirement. Viagra is one of their achievement and they are still trying to make new medicines.

Sildenafil citrate is the generic name of Viagra. This name is called by many health care provider and pharmacist. Some chemists sell Viagra by this name. It means if you are not finding Viagra in chemist shops then you can call it as Sildenafil citrate. It is the possibility that chemist may only familiar from Sildenafil citrate. Let us talk about the treatment of erectile dysfunction by the use of Viagra. Basically Viagra treat the enzyme that is responsible for the flow of blood throughout the body. You may know that erectile dysfunction is caused by the less flow of blood so Viagra enhances the activity of enzyme and give you erection for more than 4 hours. According to many doctors this duration is enough for a sexual activity.

Some people ask question that how they can get that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The answer of this question is very simple. If you feel that you are not able to get erection in sexual excited condition then you can get an idea that you may be a victim of erectile dysfunction. If this problem occurs occasionally then it is not very severe and most probably you may not a victim of erectile dysfunction. If this event is happening regularly then you should talk to your doctor. Erectile dysfunction can cause other health problems also so a regular treatment is very necessary.

Viagra can be found easily in every chemist shop in three different doses. It comes in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. it is very important to choose the right dose of Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A heavy dose can cause many health problems for you. The type of dose depends upon the health of infected person. Viagra is best for the erectile dysfunction but you can also for the pulmonary arterial hypertension, so buy Viagra online. The prescribed dose for pulmonary arterial hyper tension is 25 mg. use it 3 times in a day if you are treating it. Viagra has also some side effects but these side effects are not very severe so you can use Viagra without any tension.

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A person becomes the victim of high blood pressure when he takes oily foods in daily routine. This oily food increases the amount of fats inside the body and thus makes the person fat. If such a person go for exercise daily and use the deposited fats in running and walking, then he can overcome the problem of becoming fat. Fatness is considered as the mother of all human health issues. If a person becomes able to overcome this problem, then he can lead his life at its best. There are many things in a life to enjoy and it can only be done when you are taking care of your health. Without a healthy body, you cannot enjoy your life with your friends and family members in a best way. There are a lot of tips which you should follow before and after taking food and these tips really help in maintaining the body weight.

Increase in body fat also becomes the cause of high blood pressure which consequently creates a lot of medical problems. Different medicines are sold to control high blood pressure and its patient can use it on regular basis. Is there any sexual problem caused by high blood pressure? Yes, there is and it is known as erectile dysfunction. Some doctors and people also call it as impotence. What actually happening inside the body of an affected person? Basically, the blood flow rate through blood vessels determines the severity of erectile dysfunction. The blood flow becomes very high in a normal person when he reaches in sexual excited stage. This high blood flow rate helps that person in getting a prolong erection of penis that prepare the person for sexual intercourse. After getting total erection, the normal person can have sex with his wife or girlfriend and can satisfy her sexual needs.

The situation is totally opposite in the case of an impotent. Due to the less increase in blood flow, the penis of impotent man remains flaccid and does not allow him to have satisfactory sex. The best solution to have sex in this situation is the use of Sildenafil. Sildenafil will give an erected penis within a few minutes and that impotent person will become able to have sex like a normal man with the wife. In short, Sildenafil is best for erectile dysfunction short treatment. If you have interest to know more things about Sildenafil, then you can take help from your doctor.

This WorldWe believe that we are living in better times as compared to the yester years generations. True that world has moved forward into a technologically advanced times and is reaping the benefits of material success and prosperity. Internet and technology has brought about and hastened globalization. Be it prosperity, environment, trade or politics no country can survive independently today. What happens in one country is likely to affect the entire world. Therefore we are truly a world family. There are many reasons for us to be happy about. Food security for the entire world can soon become a reality.
Climate and environment are at the forefront of all discussions amongst countries as well as international platforms. Everyone is worried about the kind of world that we would be leaving behind for the next generation.

But if ever you are experiencing tingling, numbness or pain in your jaw, neck, arms, or chest; become nauseated or dizzy while having a sexual activity; swelling of your throat, tongue, lips, or face; difficulty in breathing and hives, this is an allergic reaction that should be treated right away.

The possible serious side effects that you might encounter is penis erection that is painful that lasts for longer than 4 hours; fainting or feeling light headed; breath shortness; swelling in your feet, ankles, or hands; heartbeat that is irregular; general feeling of illness, sweating or nausea; pain that spreads to the shoulder or arm, heavy feeling or chest pain; unexpected hearing loss or your ear is ringing and unexpected vision changes or vision loss. If this is the case, do not use Viagra anymore and see your doctor immediately.

You should not take Viagra when you have some health issues like drug allergies as well as for those people who are using a drug that has nitrate for heart problems that includes isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin or recreational drugs like nitrate “poppers” or amyl nitrate.

When you are consulting your doctor it is important that every drug that you are using whether is vitamins or herbal medicines. Always tell your doctor when you have to use new medication.

Do not drink alcohol because it can add to the side effects. Just follow the instruction that is written in the prescription label, no more and no less.

If you are a man and you notice that you are experiencing the sexual dysfunction symptoms you can go to the pharmacy online to have an online confidential check up and ordering service of the Viagra when everything is clear. The Viagra can be bought at online and offline pharmacies, a famous consultation online and ordering service is confidential, simple and fast.

Viagra is a medication that is significant in helping a man to gain back his confidence and alter the meaning of man’s sexuality and also satisfy his partner. The Viagra is proven in improving a man’s erection no matter how old he is, how often he is experiencing it, whatever the cause and how long he is suffering with his erection problem. That is the reason why most specialists are prescribing Viagra as a treatment of the men’s erection problem.

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Viagra 100 mgThe life of the people is becoming busy as compare to past. They get a short time for their rest and to enjoy their lives. That is why they are becoming the victim of depression and other problems. These problems are affecting the health of the people. Those people, who have the time in their daily routine work, try to pass it in different types of activities. In these activities reading is the best way to pass the time. Some people like to read the books about history and some about medical problems. It is not bad to read medical books but some people use it in negative way. When they get any disease, they use the pills or tablets as a medicine. They do not try to ask any doctor because they think that this medicine is best for them. This is wrong in all way because doctors know much about the medical than any other one so it is very necessary to ask the doctor before taking any tablets.

Your Life PleaseIn the current lifestyle which gives more prominence to individualistic attitude, interpersonal relationships are becoming a challenge. People are pursuing their own happiness at the cost of the relationship, family and society at large. Urban lifestyle has made individuals lonely and self centered. Let us not confuse this attitude with that of materialism. This is something new. Both in case of men and women we see this new trend developing.

Family as a set up has existed since times immemorial. The unit of family demands certain role play by the couple who get married. When they start raising children, apart from having to think of themselves and their spouse, the couple would need to first make their children their priority. Family as a unit has always stood the tests of time and challenges. Family has also demanded sacrifice from both the parents.

Increase the blood flow rate and get erection with Viagra

Medicines are made for the treatment of heath ailments. Some health ailments are not very severe and can be treated with the help of common medicines available at medical store. In these health ailments cough, nausea and different infections are present which can be cured very easily. Some people go to the doctor for the treatment of these diseases while some use their own knowledge for their treatment. We all know that different people have different activities to spend their spare time. There are many people who love to read books in their spare time. Those people who read medical books use their own knowledge for the treatment of common and as well as severe problems. It is very wrong attitude of people towards the treatment of health diseases. Since there are many professional doctors who have a wide knowledge about the health problems treatment so the people should consult with them if they are suffering from any health disease.

People are suffering with different health ailments and the solution of many health diseases has been proved. This article is about the use of Viagra and the basic knowledge about erectile dysfunction. The person who is affected by erectile dysfunction cannot get penis erection due to the low flow rate of blood. If the blood flow is increased by some way, then that affected person will also become able to get a hard penis and long erection for the sexual activity. You may be thinking that what thing will give such erection to the penis of impotent. In present days, numbers of medicines have been made but the major use for its treatment is of Viagra. Viagra is becoming very popular in impotents day by day due to its less side effects and best working.

Before taking Viagra, you must consider numbers of things which play an important role in treating with erectile dysfunction. When you will discuss your problem with your doctor, he will preferably prescribe you Viagra and as well as its dose. You must take the prescribed dose of Viagra; an over dose of Viagra can create a lot of problems for your health. Other main thing that is important to consider is side effects of Viagra. Like other medicines Viagra has some less common side effects while some common side effects. Less common side effects are blurred vision, and nausea etc. On the other hand, there are some common side effects in which facial flushing, upset stomach and headache.


5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Viagra

Let’s be realistic, Viagra may work wonders countless times and in many ways but there are some stuff that Viagra can’t do and it requires your cooperation to experience its full potential . For one reason, the pill can’t make you horny. Still, don’t be thinking that Viagra is an aphrodisiac.

Viagra is NOT a Magic Pill

Humans have been chasing longer and bigger manhood, thinking that bigger is better. If you think Viagra can do magic like giving you extra girth and length more than the capacity your manhood can offer, then you are wrong. Viagra is not a magic pill.

Viagra is NOT a Libido Pill

It's been proven to help men suffering from ED, yes but taking the pill won’t give you speedy erection. It takes time before it gets to work in your system and is usually starts to work within 30–60 minutes. Take note: it can help you get an erection when you are sexually excited. You will not get an erection just by taking the pill.

Viagra is NOT a Desensitizer

If you are experiencing premature ejaculation, then you need to resort to more practice like Kegel’s or perhaps a cream that’s designed to help you.

Viagra is NOT an EXTRA fast ULTRA charger!

It’s a fact that men have a refractory period for a reason. Sex burns energy and calorie fast. Normally, guys need to recuperate unless you have a super iron-man quality of cardiovascular system. If you have been out of exercise for quite a while, better prepare an oxygen tank in your bedside. Even fit and younger men needed time to recover.

Viagra is NOT Cheap

If you think you’ll be needing Viagra quiet often than your bank account would allow you, better get a health insurance that includes this male enhancement in their policy. I’ve checked the current price on line. Price starts at $6.99 to $15, depending on where you buy it. Price varies with country.

Viagra has Side Effects

Viagra has side effects due to the widening of blood vessels. The list include: flushing, headache, runny nose, indigestion and muscle aches. These are common and are expected to go away after 48 hours.

If you are experiencing a genuine erectile dysfunction, I can imagine how it can greatly affect your personal and marital life. Intimacy is one of the most important factors for being human. It won’t be fair to just keep it and suffer in silence. If you think Viagra might be the answer with obtaining you enough reason to go back in track, then visit your doctor and talk about your issue. There are things your doctor would like to ask before giving you a prescription.

  1. List of medications that you are taking, both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Even herbal remedies, supplements, and vitamins.
  2. Facts about your symptoms. When did they start? Do you ever get an erection or did they come on slow or fast? Does it happen every time you want to have sex? Is it random? Is it only under certain circumstances?
  3. Personal information. Perhaps he would want to be asking about your stress level. Are you going through a stressful time? Have there been any major changes at home or work?