The life of the people is becoming busy as compare to past. They get a short time for their rest and to enjoy their lives. That is why they are becoming the victim of depression and other problems. These problems are affecting the health of the people. Those people, who have the time in their daily routine work, try to pass it in different types of activities. In these activities reading is the best way to pass the time. Some people like to read the books about history and some about medical problems. It is not bad to read medical books but some people use it in negative way. When they get any disease, they use the pills or tablets as a medicine. They do not try to ask any doctor because they think that this medicine is best for them. This is wrong in all way because doctors know much about the medical than any other one so it is very necessary to ask the doctor before taking any tablets.

Viagra 25 mg / 50 mg / 100 mg

In these problems, sex problems are also included but here we shall discuss about the man problem which is erectile dysfunction. This problem is quite common in the western countries because the people of western countries do not work hard. They use junk food in daily life that increases their cholesterol level. This high level of cholesterol becomes the cause of erectile dysfunction also called as ED.

So how can we should treat this problem is the main question. If you are getting the erection problem sometimes then you may get this disease. So you must change your life style. You have to use those foods that have low cholesterol. In this way you may avoid this problem. Erection problem means the problem of penis in which it does not become hard which should be enough for sex. The medicine which is use for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction is Viagra. Viagra is the most popular medicine, use for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction in western countries. Most of the doctors recommend using Viagra in this problem. You should be clear about this that erectile dysfunction is the problem in men not in women so Viagra should be used by only men.

We have early discussed about the cause of erectile dysfunction which is high cholesterol level but some other causes are also there. In these causes heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injury and high blood pressure are also present. Some people take nitrates for the treatment of the chest pain and high blood pressure. These nitrates can be harmful for your health if you are using Viagra with these medicines which contain nitrates. You should take doctor's help If you are a victim of chest pain and high blood pressure, and you want to use Viagra also for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Well, if we talk about the doses then it comes in market in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. But initially doctors recommend to start with 25 mg dose.