Sperm test is lab test that is used to evaluate the amount of pregnancy causing cells in the semen of a person. This test is actually performed for evaluating the fertility of a person. Believe it or not, the earlier you undergo this test, better it is for you. If you start treating the problem of infertility at an earlier stage then it can help you in overcoming this problem. No matter how much improvement the world has shown in the last few decades, still, people in most parts of the world believe that women are always the reason of childlessness. However, latest researches have proved that in 40% of cases, pregnancy is not caused because of an infertile male.

First of all, the important thing is to understand what infertility is. Infertility is the deficiency of a person not being able to procreate even after 1 year of sex. It is a time period within which most of the people get pregnancy, however, if someone is not getting pregnant even after single year of unsafe sex then it means that either male of his female partner is infertile. In this article, we shall discuss how sperm test can help you in getting help for your infertility problems. We shall also discuss some other benefits that one can get besides checking his sperm count with the help of a sperm count testing.

Benefits of testing your sperm count

The most basic advantage of sperm testing is checking whether it is the male or the female that is the cause of not getting pregnancy. As already told, it is not always the female who is the cause of childlessness. So before pointing fingers at one another, it is advised to better get yourself checked for fertility and help each other in time of need.

Calculation of sperm killing antibodies is another test that one can get along with this sperm test. These sperm killing antibodies are the proteins that are functioning for the defense of body in an abnormal manner. These antibodies make it difficult for the fertile semen cells in reaching to the women’s egg. In this case, therefore, problem is not there with the semen’s fertility. Rather, problem is with the cells reaching the women’s egg. That is why; the treatment for this case is different. One can calculate his sperm killing antibodies count with the help of this test.

With the help of this test one can also evaluate hormonal stability of a person. It is mostly hormones of a person that are responsible for the sexual functioning of a person and is associated with the brain functioning of a person. With the help of a sperm counting test, one can test a person’s hormonal stability. This is another great benefit of this test.

There are a few more things as well that a person can do on his own for increasing his fertility level. For example, it is suggested to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption in order to increase semen’s fertility. There are many other things as well.