Most people think that by denying themselves food in the name of slimming is keeping fit. This is not the truth behind keeping fit and remaining healthy always. Healthy eating is important for one’s health and life expectancy as it reduces one’s risk of getting the top three killer diseases which include, heart attack, cancer and stroke. Am going to talk about some foods that people can inculcate in their diets for the health of their bodies and keeping fit without having to skip a meal.

First, Vegetables are a necessity if one needs to keep fit and be healthy as they contain many minerals that are hard to find in other foods and are necessary to a healthy diet. Therefore, it’s advisable for people to make vegetables part o all their meals and avoid covering vegetables in high calorie dips or oils. Different vegetables have different nutritional values and it’advisable for people to know how to choose vegetables with high nutritional content. For example, vegetables that are rich and deep in color have more vitamins and minerals than vegetables that are light in color. Another important thing to note is, when choosing vegetables, one should avoid vegetables that are high in starch content such as potatoes as they have a lower nutritional value than those that are lower in starch. It’s important that we include vegetables in every meal that we take for good health and fitness. Vegetables are consumed in form of fruits and kales.

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Whole grains are also deemed important for good health and fitness as they are packed with fiber, which is important for keeping an individual’s system working properly, and feel full of fewer calories. Also, whole grains provide individuals with energy, which they can use to achieve their daily fitness goals. Therefore, whole grains benefit an individual in two ways. First, one gets the energy to help him keep fit, which in turn leads to good health and a properly functioning digestive system. Whole grains are consumed in form of rice, bread, and pasta.

Proteins obtained from plants are important for a healthy diet as they lower an individual’s dietary cholesterol and also reduce overall fat intake and more specifically saturated fat intake. These reductions helps one achieve or maintain a healthier weight and reduce risks of some conditions like heart diseases. It is important to know that it has been scientifically proven that fewer proteins make people develop slowly, have less muscle tone, weak immune system and have weak heart and respiratory systems. Therefore, if your child develops slowly than your neighbor’s child of the same age as yours, that’s a clear indication that you are not giving your child enough proteins and you should improve on that. It’s also important to replace animal-based proteins with plant-based proteins as plant-based proteins have the above named advantages, which lack in animal-based proteins. Plant-based proteins can be consumed at meals in form of beans or soya products. Plant-based proteins can also be munched as a snack with foods such as nuts.