In the current lifestyle which gives more prominence to individualistic attitude, interpersonal relationships are becoming a challenge. People are pursuing their own happiness at the cost of the relationship, family and society at large. Urban lifestyle has made individuals lonely and self centered. Let us not confuse this attitude with that of materialism. This is something new. Both in case of men and women we see this new trend developing.

Family as a set up has existed since times immemorial. The unit of family demands certain role play by the couple who get married. When they start raising children, apart from having to think of themselves and their spouse, the couple would need to first make their children their priority. Family as a unit has always stood the tests of time and challenges. Family has also demanded sacrifice from both the parents. Life as parents has more to do with thinking of what is good and right for their children than having to think of themselves.

Give A Little Time To Think About Your Life Please

Medical statistics show a increase in the rate of infertility as well as psychological problems amongst people in general. The increasing rates of divorce, single parenting and broken families are the result of the modern day thinking. Women of today’s generation are career oriented and economically empowered. This freedom leads them to think of their individual freedom and pursue what is important for them. Naturally marriage and family need not come first in their priority list. However the modern day pressures of work and life is causing stress and infertility. Erratic work schedule and constant tensions are playing havoc with their menstrual cycle thus making it difficult for them to conceive at the right time.

In case of men too, the cases of impotence and other sexual dysfunctions are on the rise. The number of men walking into for medical consultation on erectile dysfunction is very high. In most cases, the common cause seems to be that of tension, pressure and a non healthy lifestyle. In having to pursue career goals, men tend to work continuously all through the week without taking adequate rest, sleep and food. Reliance on smoking, drinking and junk food has become the order of the day. Naturally the lifestyle habits begin to effect the body, resulting in blood pressure, diabetes and other problems at an early age.

Blood pressure coupled with smoking is a deadly combination that can cause erectile dysfunction by affecting the nerves and blood supply to the male organ. Thus when in his prime, when it is right time to get married and settle down, the man can begin to have problems with erectile dysfunction. Male impotence not only kills the self esteem of the man but dents the relationship too. There are a number of cases that have ended up at the divorce courts due to inability of the couple to consummate their marriage.

All of the younger generation today is well educated and aware of all facts. But how many pay attention to the quality of life they are leading?. Why is it that they are not able to visualize the potential dangers they are inviting with their current lifestyle?. Isn’t it time that we gave this topic a little thought.