Being in a long distance relationship can be a challenge. Most couples take for granted the fact that they can see their partner on a daily basis. For couples separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles, this is a luxury they simply don’t have. Long distance relationships, whether short or long term, can be managed effectively and can even strengthen the bond between two people. Long distance relationships can test the most fundamental aspects of a serious partnership; trust, faithfulness, and honesty.

In order to keep your long distance relationship on the right track, you must establish clear and effective ways to communicate. Whether you use the telephone as your main mode of communication or another medium such as Skype or Facebook, make sure that you have an established a good way to get a hold of each other. These various methods of communication can enhance the communication experience between you and your partner.

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

By definition, a long distance relationship means that face to face meets ups are few and far between. This does not mean that they are not important. If you have an opportunity to meet up with your sweetie, you should. If you are separated because of school, plan to meet up on breaks or long weekends. If you happen to be in another state or even another country, make sure you plan to get together as often as your financial and personal situations will allow. Physical contact is extremely important in a relationship and even if the encounters are fleeting, you and your partner will appreciate the time spent in each other’s presence.

While these methods will ensure that your relationship stays strong even over long distances, there are also a few things you should avoid if you are in a long-distance relationship.

A huge mistake that long-distance couples often make is to allow someone they have no feelings for to serve as a replacement when their partner is not physically around. Sometimes the stress of being separated, physically, from your significant other can cause people to make poor decisions in order to satisfy their needs. Physical intimate contact is a normal, healthy part of life. However, thinking that having a casual encounter, especially one of a sexual nature, in order to satisfy your urges can, and probably will lead to the demise of your relationship. You have to stop and ask yourself if it’s worth it to lose the person you love over a one night stand. Never settle for a temporary replacement.

Long distance relationships require a great deal of trust. If you are at all suspicious of your long-distance partner it is best to confront these suspicions had on. Don’t allow them to fester and let your imagination run amok. A long-distance relationship cannot survive when there is a lack of trust. If you find yourself constantly questioning your significant other you may want to think about whether or not a long-distance relationship is the right type of partnership for you.