We believe that we are living in better times as compared to the yester years generations. True that world has moved forward into a technologically advanced times and is reaping the benefits of material success and prosperity. Internet and technology has brought about and hastened globalization. Be it prosperity, environment, trade or politics no country can survive independently today. What happens in one country is likely to affect the entire world. Therefore we are truly a world family.

There are many reasons for us to be happy about. Food security for the entire world can soon become a reality. Climate and environment are at the forefront of all discussions amongst countries as well as international platforms. Everyone is worried about the kind of world that we would be leaving behind for the next generation.

We Have A Lot To Do In This World

Life they say was never better for the youth. We believe that the men today have an opportunity to think global and achieve whatever they wish to. Men are able to think and aspire for things beyond the basics. Health care has made rapid advances and medical science has invented cures for most of the diseases that have troubled humanity.

While there are very many good things happening, we have got to look at some of the other indicators that are relevant to the future of our younger generation too. Adolescent and Youth are the two most important age groups which will grow up and inherit the next decades. Therefore it makes sense to understand the realities that are confronted by the men in society today. Studies show that youth between ages of nineteen to twenty four form more than forty percent of the HIV infected population around the globe. This figure goes on to show the need for improving the awareness and the general knowledge about safe sex and personal health issues amongst adolescent youth in the world today. Health reports are also showing increasing trends of mal nutrition amongst adolescent youth in under developed and developing countries and the increasing trend of obesity and fat amongst the urban youth in the developed nations. These trends again point out to a lack of awareness amongst the youth with regard to good health and nutrition. In under developed economies, adolescent youth are found to neglect their health and food habits and take to smoking and drinking etc while in the developed countries the young men are seen to indulge and consume fatty, unhealthy fast food combined with caffeinated drinks which are bad for their health. Sedentary lifestyle combined with such food habits is leading to obesity problems amongst the youth in these countries. There are many more alarming trends such as increase in the alcohol consumption, violence and road rage amongst youth in the world today. One other significant area that is alarming is the increase of mental health problems amongst youth in all the countries. The causes of mental health are different in the under developed and developing economies where lack of economic security and opportunities could be the trigger for mental insecurity amongst youth where as the mental health problems of youth in developed countries are totally different and range from depression, bi polar disorders to schizophrenia etc.

We have many things to be happy about. But we have many more things to worry about and work towards setting things right for the sake of the future generations.